Retro Scoop TV Table Brings Back the Rebellious Nature in You

There was something really adventurous and rebellious about the 60s. There was the civil rights movement, stonewall protests and gay lib. Whatever the protests and movements were, they were also reflected in the art and culture of that period. You could bring back those rebellious days back to the new millennium by getting yourself the Scoop TV Table being sold by Heals.

It is a cool and stylish way to display your TV just like the hep 60s people used to. It comes in awesome space age colours and materials and is manufactured with the help of lacquered white body and grey glass shelf. The table itself is perched on the top of a chrome pedestal base.

At about 250 Pounds, the TV Table is awesome and I just can’t imagine myself not buying this unique retro flavoured table. The simplistic design and the modernistic flavour make the Scoop TV Table pretty unique and worthy enough to be bought. Just go ahead and get your own while the stocks still last!

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