Amphibian: Amazing Slip-ons Help Lifeguards

If you have been a constant watcher of Baywatch, you would know how important timely action really is. Unfortunately, things aren’t so easy for lifeguards and reality is tougher than the glossy images you would see on the TV Show.

Edward Shelton has designed the Amphibian, which is a two part system aimed at helping lifeguards better approach the task of saving human lives at the beach. The design employs the idea of comfortable walking shoes and slip on retractable swim fins. It is aimed at making the lifeguard’s task of walking on the beach and getting into the water and swimming easy.

Moreover, it saves the lifeguard’s precious time as the fins do not need to be located and attached before plunging into the water. However, the amphibian loses out on the fact that the lifeguard still has to take the trouble of attaching the fins before getting into action. Nevertheless, it is a great concept but could have been slightly more useable.

Via: Inventorspot

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