Coffin Couch for Gothic Heroines

If you have always fancied living in a Gothic mansion and having names such as Cassandra, Catherine, Virginia and other names representative of Gothic literature, you would also be wanting to furnish your home in such a way.

Chances are, you have already begun to light hundreds of candles in your room, light scented incense, and even have skulls placed in corners. While you have taken so much care to create a gothic atmosphere, you would also need the most important coffin to either sit, lie down or die. Here is an awesome coffin couch being sold by VonErickson at Etsy for $3,500.


It comes with a luxurious velvet covered thick foam cushion and metal spring construction seat,. You could choose between purple, black, red and even ask for a more sinister and gloomy grey. I would of course go with black. This is something that all gothic people must die for!


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