All-In-One Entertainment From Akai Is A Neat Deal

Hmmm…we think that an all-in-one TV sounds likes better option when you want a home theater room at home. Frankly, it is the best way to complete your flat panel display at a lesser price. Take Akai’s All-In-One Entertainment Unit that comes with a built-in amplifier, along with highly effective speakers, subwoofers with a total power of 80W RMS surround sound. Plus there is also an upscale DVD player with HDMI output to scale your discs up to 1080p and an AM/FM radio.

Other features include an built in i-Pod dock that is compatible with all current models, then even the USB and memory card ports have the ability to let you play music directly.

There are plenty of other stuff like the LCD clock display and automatic age lock. The screen protection function is also an extremely useful one. All this comes for just $1,000. A pretty neat deal, if your ask our opinion.

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  • hi, i am trying to buy a Akai all in one entertainment unit, wondering if you can tell me some sellers.



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