Selgas Cano has an Awesome Office

Selgas Cano is an architectural firm near Madrid. It is now pretty clear that Spanish architects are way beyond many other architects and their creations are a unique ensemble of green friendliness, chic and postmodernism. If you were wondering in what kind of offices these architects work, you should check out Selgas Cano’s long tubular office which helps the architects to feel closer to nature.

It is kind of designed in a zoo exhibit style but it is visually appealing though stylistically very simple. The green trees, the autumn colours and the postmodernist office should make any architect working there come up with newer and more exciting ideas to work on.


I would have loved to work in an office like this myself, though I am not an architect! The biggest surprise however is that the office is located underground and thus helps on cooling and heating bills as well. Talk about sustainability!

Via: Boing Boing/Arch Daily

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