4MC: An Unconventional Four-Wheeled Bike

Nick Shotter has designed the 4MC, a four wheeler project. It is rather clear that bikes usually come with two wheels and the ones with trikes are no more called three wheeled bikes but trikes. The trikes offer better balance and traction and if you add another wheel at the back, it kinda becomes a four wheeler.

The four wheeled bike promises to offer extra stability and you could tilt it quite safely. The four wheeled 4MC also allows the rider to cruise a very slow speed without having to put the feet down. This means, if you visit one of the professional hoe-districts, you could cruise around slowly waiting for some hottie to turn up.

Shotter required about 4 years to design the prototype and it certainly looks impressive. However, it may be too early to tell if this is going to be a commercial success. The 4MC is very unconventional and if you are interested in non traditional vehicles, you could try this.


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  • Hi, I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I just want to say “I really like these bike but I have no idea where to buy them.” I’ll love to buy one.

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