President Obama’s Date With The First Lady Making Headlines, Surprisingly

It was once thought that running a country would take so much of one’s time that a person serving as the President would have no time for personal luxuries such as spending time with their family. In the US, and the rest of the world as well, change is obvious.

Barrack Obama certainly does not believe in ignoring his family for his country. In fact, he even finds time to romance his wife of so very many years. Obama and First Lady, Michelle, found time over the weekend for each other. They may not have gazed dreamily into each other’s eyes, oblivious to others’ stares, or had a wild night but the date was still special enough (it seems) for it to be written and read about! The first public date for the Obama’s since Barrack became the president turned out to be a walk to Michel Richard’s Citronelle. They had an extravagant dinner at the highly expensive restaurant but soon returned to the White House, wary of missing a Bull’s game.

Apparently, Obama gave the night off to his advisers at the White House so they could refresh themselves for the next 100 days. The dinner, then, must have been in celebration of his 100 something days in office.

Via: Luxist/TheCaucus
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