Anxo Bulletproof Clothing: For Safety With Style

Did you know bullet proof clothing need not be all that heavy? It can be stylish, contemporary and make you feel like buying it off the shelf the first thing too. More so, it can have exclusive makes for women too.

Created by Anxo, there is a new range of bullet proof clothing that offers you protection like any other bullet proof apparel, but at the same time, is so trendy that it does not show. It rids of the need to tie a bullet proof vest and you can instead wear a bullet proof blouse or leather coat.

bullet-proofApparently this line of clothing has been tested against firearm threats of II and IIA which are equivalent to a .9 MM or .357 Magnum firearm. Can you picture yourself being shot at and not just survive, but remain your stylish self still! Sounds too cinematic and more apt for the stars. But then, considering we are so used to watching politicians and leaders of the state hide behind bullet proof glasses when they give their public speeches, this may well take care of such a problem.

If you do feel important enough to be shot at, go for this.

Via: Urban Body Armor, Chickpick

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