Limited Edition Andre Garcia Case

If you are the kind of person who treasures his cigars more than anything else, you must try an expensive cigar container. Cigars can be fussy products to store and they need the right humidity and air to remain fresh and aromatic. Especially, if you are interested in Havana Cigars, you really should know that it takes quite a lot of money not only to buy them but also store them.

Andre Garcia has launched some of the coolest products in the past and now they are back with the limited edition Torpedo case. It is cedar lined and will hold 4 Churchills. That sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it.

I must say, this is an awesome way to store your cigars and churchills. They are quite expensive and each Torpedo costs about $119. I am sure you would not mind spending that kind of money when it comes to cigars!

Via: AcquireMag

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