$30,000 Bike Needs $10,000 Software!

There are certain things that never seem to make any sense to me at all. Take for example this weird and funny Factor 001 training bike. It has been designed by BERU f1 systems and it comes with Formula One racing technology which will make sure you are riding the most advanced bike ever.

It comes with made to measure carbon fiber frame and it comes with built in accelerometers which monitor your expensive bike’s speed, torque levels, and also crank cadence. However do not expect such a wondrous instrument for anything lesser than $30,000. The software for this crazily expensive bike will set you back but another $10,000.

I am wondering if you really need to spend so much to ride a bike. There was a time when I got my mechanical normal bike for just $35. It is funny how things change so soon and so quickly! In any case, you could go ahead and buy these weirdly cool bikes if you have the kind of money with you.

Via: OhGizmo

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