Hotrod Engine Coffee Table Makes A Strong Impression

It has all the qualities to be counted among one of the coolest coffee tables ever made. Such is the aura of the Hotrod Engine Coffee Table. No it does not feature any fancy techie stuff like a touch screen display neither is it accompanied by a music box. But its plain simple back to the basics concept will lure even the geekiest of geeks around.

For starters, the coffee table is as detailed as anything could be. Being fashioned the retro way, it comes covered in soft black leather and has attractive tattoo-like carvings. The shiny vintage carburetor also adds to the over all look. Of course, it is strongly aided by the two brass knuckles.

The Hotrod table stands firm on a solid mahogany wood base while the beautiful inlays of alligator and stingray skin lines the interior. Ouch! We have a feeling that this might not go too well with the strict tree huggers among us. Being handmade, this one sells for $2,900. The price is a tad too high but then, so is the quality of the Hotrod.

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