The Story Faucet Carries The Tale Of Bip Taps

For a very long time, the image of Bip Taps has remained in our memories. Catering to that little fancy of ours, Justime has created Bip Taps which they very lovingly call the Story Faucet. And they feel so comfortable and familiar like a story we remember from a long time ago.

We learnt that these faucets were born from an extensive research conducted by Justime on the ‘original beauty’. This has them trace the history of taps from the very beginning. And the end result indeed reflects the many many hours of hard work spent on coming to it. The Story Faucet comes in a fun design that is not only a cool modern classic example but is also sure to make your bathroom livelier. The well-rounded shape is adorable.

In fact, the entire range is not less than iconic. A chubby white handle looking like a small cloud sits pretty on the top of the faucet. No word on the pricing.


Via archiexpo

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