The Best Ice Cream Maker In The World Runs On Liquid Nitrogen

Among the many benefits of summer is eating ice cream on a hot sunny afternoon though you can do that in winter too, but don’t forget the constant worry at the back of your mind about catching a cold! Coming to the cool product that we have discovered, we think it’s a great buy this summer. Called N2-G4 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine, this one can create finest frozen desserts in a whole variety of flavors in a matter of few seconds.

A definite hit with the kiddie’s circuit, the machine operates with the use of liquid nitrogen. So be assured about a guilt-free eco-conscience. The makers say that N2-G4 is the best ice cream maker ever created and we agree. We couldn’t agree more with this hand-crafted wonder machine that is available in two models – the standard N2-G4 or a fully customized model. The price range for the former starts at $34,000 and $75,000 for the latter

We give full points to both models because they both are lightweight, weighing less than 90 lbs. Plus they are easy to maintain. Yes, good news is that it doesn’t need any water hook-ups or drains.

Via nitrocream

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