A Rocking Urn for a Dead Biker

I always had a thing about getting buried and being covered in mud and being eaten by maggots. It is always to get cremated and the ashes preserved in an urn or thrown into the sea. There is also something grand about being cremated that makes you not ‘rot’ but go up in flame, and that is the coolest thing about being cremated. If you felt the same way or if you have someone who feels the same way, chances are they truly are a rocking person.

If that person is rocking enough, they would certainly love Harley Davidson and other rocking stuff. Now I am making too many assumptions but let us just assume that a friend or you like Harley Davidson and also want to be cremated. Then you should just get the Born To Ride cremation urn which comes with a space of 212 cubic inches, to hold all that biker ash.

The Urn also comes in three different rocking colours and I am sure this is perhaps the coolest way to store someone’s or your own ash. The clock is always ticking, and it is always better to make future arrangements. Right?

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