Haute Couture for your Pet Dog

If you thought your pets need some trendy clothes as well, you should just buy one of these haute-couture designs and creations. How would you like your dog to be adorned in doggie necklaces? I would say, the dogs may look pretty enough but still would lose the innocence. How would you like a bag to carry your dog around? Adolfo Domínguez Mascotas has designed these awesome designs.

Well, I do like this design as it is beautiful and stylish. If you were looking for some clothing for your dog, why not a fiery red jacket? I am sure your doggie would look awesomely cute. There is no mention of either the price or availability. You could probably check out their official website.


I would say, get these if you are really interested in splurging, but do know that animals don’t like the human idea of clothing and they don’t like to be bound in clothes. Hence, your doggie won’t be happy even if you dress him or her in riches.¬ ¬ Nevertheless, you could try getting one of these as a special gift for your pet dog.


Via: Embelezzia

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