Codorniu Reina Maria Cristina Reserva Vintage 2006 Sparkles Its Way

There is something certainly snobbish about champagne. Now that most of the masses can afford champagne, people elite like us may wonder what we are left with. Nevertheless, champagne still is elite domain and not every one has a ‘taste’ for it, even though they may have money. This makes champagne the most snobbish drink ever. You should check out the Codorniu Reina Maria Cristina Reserva Vintage 2006 and it is a sparkling bubbly that would make you feel high and o0n top of the world, literally.

This particular wine was dedicated to a Spanish Queen who had a taste for all things elite. The champagne is aged for at least 15 months which gives it a complex taste that is almost enviable to those who do not have the ability to enjoy the finer things in life.

The champagne has a delicate and biscuity flavour which lingers on your taste buds for a while before the aroma sets into your nostrils. The taste is crisp and fresh, and I would certainly recommend this to anyone who has a taste for good champagnes.

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