Sennheiser Mikes: Colourful Microphones with Swarovski Crystals


Something as indistinct as a microphone invariably and instantly etches the colour black in our gadget-colour programmed minds. But Sennheiser has added zing to the innocuous devices that make celebrities out of orators, singers and instrumentalists.

Mikes that come in one colour, dual-colour ones, multi-colour microphones…You can customize the microphones too, to your taste. What’s more? The multi-colour design can use as many as 2,300 glittery crystals. They come with a six-month warranty.

To fix the crystals on multi-coloured microphones, it could take anywhere between one week and four weeks. Customising or personalizing your prized microphone would however cost you dear. It is done by Sennheiser’s Swarovski Crystalization Services.

 A multi-coloured mike would cost $ 999 while those with two colours are priced at $799. Settling down for a single colour microphone would make you poorer by $699. Sennheiser’s website also has on its platter skins that can go with the microphones, at $49.95 for every skin used. Skins could be that expensive too!

So, it is about blowing up money big time for that personalised touch on microphones that you would want to fancy sporting while on the dais.

Via: Coolest Gadgets, Chipchick, Sennheiser USA

Sennheiser Microphones

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