Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect: $1,665 Worth Of Non-Beauty

The world of fashion does not believe in too many fashion moguls spoiling the design. Or so they thought. Samsung collaborates with fashion giant Armani to bring you the Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect.

The Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect gets its name from the sparkling LED lights fitted along the sides of the phone. Unfortunately for the phone, that is the only thing about the phone’s design that would get your eyes shining. The phone has a brushed-metal casing but Samsung is also offering a more pimped up version of it in 18k (£1199/$1,665) and 24k (£999/$1,387) gold plating. Other specifications of the model include HSDPA, GSM support and a 3.2 megapixel camera. The 12mm thin phone has a 2.2” OLED display and also supports stereo Bluetooth and has a microSD card slot.


Armani perhaps better stick to clothing, especially when it comes to this extravangly priced but sadly designed phone being their latest foray into the gadget world. Even the Giorgio Armani logo at the back of the phone doesn’t set the pulse racing this time.

Samsung Armani M7500 Night Effect

Via: ContinentalMobiles

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