Indulgence Mist Shower: Pleasure Without Guilt

The best things in life, like people are most fond of saying, are actually not free. Something as simple as taking a long bubble bath costs you a hefty water bill, not to mention the cost of that marble tub you are lounging in, the bubbling water, and the bathing salts.

The Indulgence Mist Shower gives you the pleasure of taking a long leisurely shower with warm mist clouding up the shower glass, sans the guilt of wasting large amounts of water and harming the planet. Designed by Pensar Development, the Indulgence Mist Shower uses 56% less water and energy allowing you to enjoy a seven minute shower everyday while saving 3,500 gallons of water per year. Built with beautiful etched glass, the secret of the shower is in the mist cycle that can be personalised and saved for later use with the help of the control panel.

The shower head remains hidden above giving you the sense that your shower takes place in the enclosed space purely by the cool wetness of the mist.

Indulgence Mist Shower

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Indulgence Mist Shower

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