CES 2009: Lay in the Bed, Listen to Music on Bluetooth Pillows

CES 2009 saw more weird gadgets being featured and this time one could get the pillow with Bluetooth. Urban Tool unveiled their perCushion, which comes with Bluetooth technology and a great design. The Bluetooth speakers and music controls were stashed in the pillow to make a futuristic pillow possible. It also comes with built-in microphones and the battery can be recharged once and will last for 10 hours.

Unless you are planning to lie in the bed for 10 hours continuously, this must be enough. However, the pillow also comes with a futuristic price of $500 and is rather expensive for many. However, if you are looking for something innovative, the perCushion is a great pillow to be bought.

Imaging having your partner lay beside you while you both listen to romantic music while in bed. The music would emanate not from a corner but right from the pillow you would share.


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