CES 2009: Vuzix Unveils Wearable 3D Glasses

Vuzix is known for their hideous designs especially when it comes to sunglasses and 3D glasses. However, this time around when they launched their second-generation video eyewear, it almost looks like a branded pair of goggles you would wear to Rodeo Drive. Vuzix has announced that it would launch head mounted displays that people would actually like to wear.

Their Wrap 920AV is an awesome design that dos not make you feel like you have tied an entire display on your head. The Wrap 920AV is so cool that it would almost make you want to wear it to college or work. It gives you crystal clear video, and can play from an iPod or any other input.

The glasses do feel like sunglasses and you will not be distracted either by external influences or even by the weight of the Wrap. The Wrap 920 AV comes with retractable headphones and can be used with iPod, iPhones and many other gadgets.


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