Palmaz Vineyards’ Underground Winery Is 100,000ft And Cost $20 Miilion

In Napa Valley, California, dreams do come true, especially if you have the guts to fight for your dreams with your neighbours, the courts and, of course, the money for it all.

Dr. Julio and Amalia Palmaz dreamed of having a humongous winery but found that dealing with their neighbours was more difficult that actually constructing one. The Dunlap’s objected to supposedly dominant manner with which the Palmaz’s handled the situation while trying to build the winery, but the Palmaz’s had been dreaming of this and saving up for over twenty years. After several complaints from a large number of neighbours and court dealings, the project is now complete. The winery is an underground complex spread over 100,000ft, stretching 15 stories below ground and includes two elevators to transport wine barrels and personnel.

Palmaz Vineyards cost the owners about $20 million and sells wines ranging from $32 to $150 a bottle. What visitors to the winery find most fascinating is that the place is controlled almost completely by computer.

Palmaz Vineyards

Via: WSJ
Palmaz Vineyards

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