A Musically Inclined Turntable

This luxury turntable is stunning to say the least! Inspired by DaVinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel turntable, the Angelis Labor Gabriel turntable is a gorgeous turntable which will add an atmosphere of sheer luxury to your decor. It features four separate arms that are based on a platter that is suspended without frictionon a magnetically levitated spindle.

The Angelis Labor Gabriel turntable has been made from a combination of various elements like aluminium, bronze and stainless steel. And the turntable and arm are completely decoupled at several points, under the base, turntable and the pin. We think it is a wonderful combination of state-of-art technology with a stunning form factor.

As can be well expected, the pricing is big between $27,000 and $64,000 (maybe you can replace the bronze casing with baby leather or get the logo with extra lens flares). We know that some of you will disagree the turntable with the big question, is the sound that you are going to get from vinyl ever worth that much money? But you know audiophiles will know the real value of quality vinyl as a musical source. The Gabriel turntable is just the perfect combo of aesthetics and audio.


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