Portable Gliding Simulator By Tom Wilksch

If you have been wanting to fly a plane on your own then, your wish can partially be fulfilled by the portable gliding simulator. This simulator is designed by Tom Wilksch, a student designer from the University of South Australia.

Although Australia has a relatively pleasant weather that suits for gliding, the sport is not popular amongst the public. However with this simulator, the sport could gain popularity and it may influence many people to become pilots. The best feature of this simulator is that it can be carried anywhere you go to and you can have the fun of flying it. It is the rarest of the rare stimulator in Australia as other simulators are heavy and not user friendly in addition to being very expensive. As its size is small, it can easily be towed by a car. Setup is simple and self explanatory.

It is a good bet to start with for training purposes. This sounds interesting and I would definitely want to try my hands in flying it.

Via: DesignAwards


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