Shed Some Weight in the Gym Car!

Designer Da Feng has created the unbelievable. His Gym Car packs in an entire workout and the cockpit is stashed with workout machines. The car is a human-electric hybrid and turns driving in to a healthy and sweat releasing activity. The car looks just as unbelievable as it is inside and has turbine-like rims, open wheel suspension, pointed nose, and a sleek design, which reminds you of those hot war planes that zoom past in the sky.

It apparently zooms like a fighter jet too, if speed was one of your criteria. However, it isn’t clear which exercise you could do while driving and if it all you could drive and exercise at the same time.

However, the fact being the car is a human electric hybrid, there must be a way to channelize our muscular energy into kinetic energy. This, I bet, is the most interesting way to workout, if it ever hits the market.

Via: Wired/Jalopnik

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