Open Air Cinema Launches $1,000 Projection Screen

What men like to do best is to lounge on a comfortable chai with a cold beer in their hand and watch a game of ball on a big screen television. But apparently when it comes to viewing screens, really big is still not big enough.

The new 16-foot inflatable projection screen by Open Air Cinema is every man’s dream come true. The projection screen can easily be set up without any help and folds up into a 20 pound bag that you could carry with you on your camping trips. Setting up the screen only requires tying up about half a dozen straps that would hold the screen perfectly in place for your viewing pleasure. Open Air Cinema definitely knows how to treat its customers; nothing can be better than viewing your favorite movies on a 16 foot screen.

Unfortunately for the common man, the inflatable projection screen may remain an elusive dream because Open Air Cinema is giving this away at $1,000. And yet, what is life if not for the big dreams.

Via: UberGizmo

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