Now, We Too Can Become Astronauts

Virgin Atlantic has created a big name and a huge loyalty for itself over the years gone by. And now it is in the maintenance mode. With the interest of the world drawn towards space, we hear the famous airline company has come up with world’s first space line which they proudly and suggestively call Virgin Galactic (VG).

The cool concept is expected to become a rage with passengers as they will get an opportunity to become the first-ever non-professional astronauts. VG will include privately built spaceships modelled on the famous SpaceShipOne.

You can very well expect the signature Virgin experience topped with a dose of luxury, spectacular designs and advanced technology worked on by Burt Rutan. It will be an affair to remember for a lifetime!

Safety is of utmost importance to the makers. The spacecrafts are being made at Rutan’s base in Mojave, California. Virgin Chief Richard Branson believes that soon a new chapter will unfold for mankind as folks take vacations to space.

For the first time in the history of the universe, VG promises affordable sub-orbital space tourism with plans to start offering flights by mid-2009..

Via virgingalactic


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