DNA Portrait Is No More A Figment Of Imagination

We have just the thing in mind for you in case you have run out of gift ideas. They call it the DNA 11 and we call it futuristic. Well to start with, this item does something that would have never crossed the minds of most people. As bizzare as it may sound, it offers the perfect blend of art, technology, beauty and popuar culture.

Yep as the name suggests, the company will create a portrait on a gorgeous ultra-modern glass frame using your DNA. This can be coloured to match your decor. So, once you place the order, DNA 11 will send you a kit that includes swabs for the DNA sample from your cheek. The user is supposed to send it to the company in order to enjoy a DNA portrait in 4-6 weeks time.

Until now, DNA 11 had been selling big portraits but they have come with a special smaller version to suit the customer’s pockets and gain mileage in the festive season. So, as little as $169 will help you get that cool DNA portrait (20 cm x 25 cm) for your near and dear one. In fact, it makes a cool corporate gift too. Also, you can choose to isolate and visualize your’brain gene’ and ‘sport gene’ without shelling out an extra cent.

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