Time To Forget The Clutter, Slimdesk’s Here

Whether we accept it or not but clutter is something that we all love to make. And at the end of the day, all that matters is how you manage it. After all, the piles of mess and stacks can make any sane person go berserk. Please welcome Slimdesk. The solution to all our troubles, the Slimdesk is a sleek alternative to all our desk management problems. Designed by Manualsaez, yep they are the same fellas who came up with the Daybed workstation lounge chair, this desk is full of features that make it a good bet for computing work. Most importantly, it provides sufficient storage space. There is a built-in power supply, USB dock and data ports that are within reach when you are sitting at the desk. In others words, there is place for everything and conveniently so too.



The large storage space under the work area is good for housing your lappy and then there is the perfectly well hidden cable management inside a leg of the desk. An articulated mechnical arm mounts he LCD monitor.

So much in such a sleek little unit. Wow! By the way, what is clutter?


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Time To Forget The Clutter, Slimdesk’s Here

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