Kitchen-ing On The Run

When talking of kitchens, how can we miss out on a mobile one! That is where Q-kitchen enters. A brainchild of Cookshack, this one is meant for those roadtrips with your family.

Just remove the wheels and tongue to get yourself a chic, custom-made outdoor kitchen that will have you itching to cook all day. It comes complete with a prep station, a smoker and a grill along with a lot of storage space.

And on other occasions, it can either be tailgating or just sitting pretty in your backyard like one of those super-expensive (though not actually costing that much) kitchen outlets. Do not worry, the gorgeous pattern, black pebbled surface and stainless steel countertop will make it a value addition for your decor.


So, it is time to say ‘bye-bye’ to the chaos, mess and disorder of outdoor cooking wherever you wish. Make it yours for just $9,999 with features like

  • Complete Q-Kitchen with Prep Center, Storage Center, smoker and grill platforms
  • Wheels
  • Tongue
  • Tongue jack
  • 2 – 12v deep cell batteries
  • Inverter
  • Cover(s)
  • Insulated food carrier
  • cookshack

    Via cookshack

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