Movie Magic: Backyard garage turned into lavish Home Theater

Modern technology transforms movie magic into your own living room with its home theater systems. Yet, there is nothing like having your own movie room exclusively built for the purpose. That is a fashionable trend catching on fast and with more guys looking at their garages as exclusive sanctuary for their guy things and a weekend retreat away from the home and kitchen, turning garages into Home Theater seems a pretty cool option. Of course, you could also watch your favorite football game on Saturday night on the same screen in HD.

This is one of the more classy home theaters that you will find and this really cool garage turned into home theater has actually adopted simple design to make it look like a real multiplex. There is the red carpet, the seat styling, comfortable leather seating, and wallpaper that oozes class and that big screen with surround sound to complete the visual magic. It is astonishing how such simple imitation can sometimes work so well, as ultimately we are reminded of the theater atmosphere.


Bjorn Kristensen has surely done a remarkable job with his own garage!

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