Skycar: A Flying car on a trip from London to Timbuktu!

The Skycar project by a team of explorers and motorheads from London is really grabbing the attention of the world for more than one reason. Apart from creating a flying car that aims to run from London to Timbuktu on a route that mixes both land and air, the Skycar uses both biofuel which is considered great for the planet and can switch between land and air within a matter of just 3 minutes. The flying car aims to complete the journey from London to Timbuktu starting this January and the 6000 km trip will be the perfect test run for this future car.

The team has already spent over Ł130,000 on the project and this machine that combines a modified 140bhp Yamaha R1 superbike engine with the gearbox of a snowboard vehicle and a fan of a swamp boat is really a cool combination between air and road transport. It can accelerate up to a speed of 170 mph on land and its acceleration can match that of any sports car on land. In air, it is expected to reach an altitude of 2000-3000 feet and a top speed of well over 100mph.

The Skycar will use the giant fan and the parachute to move I air and when stuck in traffic, a car like this would be invaluable indeed. There is no way all the money can buy you that sense of freedom, but if the test run succeeds you might be able to get a Skycar for Ł35,000 and Ł40,000 for a standard model and Ł60,000 for a high-performance sports version. Air-lifting out of traffic- Stuff of dreams indeed!

Via: Timesonline

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