Diamond Turntable: Gal DJs celebrate the ink Touch at the DJ Booth!

Whenever you see girls at the DJ Booth, it is more often an attempt to add curves and sizzle to the booth rather than actually add skill to the place. But they too seem to manage the both with enough skill to call themselves DJs at some level. So German brand Scheu Analog has pretty much brought out something custom crafted for the ladies and this one is something that has the ‘cute girl’ touch to it with plenty of pink in it. In fact, it is all pink and though there is nothing stopping the guys from using it, one can be sure that it is unlikely to happen.

The Diamond Turntable is pink and shiny enough much like that cute stuff that you find with the girls and it seems that the company thinks that just by adding the pink, one can make it all ‘girlish’. There is nothing extra friendly towards the feminine folk beyond the color and it is astonishing how often that is the case with stuff that is meant to be ‘cute and cuddly’. The Diamond Table comes at a price of $ 3,900 and for DJ Equipment that is really not much.

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