Lightning Set to Strike Big: Vincent Black Lightning Motorbike to Go Under the Hammer

Obvious economic sense tell you that this is not the time to be spending more than half a million dollars on a motorbike from the 50’s, but we are all about encouraging you to defy convention. That is exactly why this 1950’s Vincent Black Lightning Motorcycle is such a wonderful buy for all those who love to go bidding on vintage wheels. The bike was originally built to shatter the land speed record for a two wheeler and while it did not manage to accomplish that feet, it might go down as the most expensive bike to go in an auction.

Up for grabs at Bonhams, if you want to get your hands on this very special set of wheels from the past then you better hurry. The auction closes in less than 24 hours and you might have to bid well over $ 500,000 to have a chance of winning it. We will know very soon what it actually goes for, but if you happen to be the one who manages to nab it, then just drop in a word. So what are you waiting for, start bidding right Here.

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