Mitsubishi Races into the Future Rally Racing

If you are a hardcore car racer you better not ignore this piece. The speed show in any race is about smart and intelligent use of the technology that has gone into the making of a cars engine et al. and a bit of for its looks as well. And Rally Racing is a Back Alley Sport filled with Jackals, Headhunters, and Thugs! So you better check out the new offering from Mitsubishi.

Each year the LA Auto Show pits the best of the best of designers from the automakers to try and design some creative looks at our automotive future. Last year, it was all about “green,” but this year, the project’s called Motorsport 2025, and it’s designed to show off what the race car of 2025 will look like. Mitsubishi’s MMR25 Rally Racer is its entry to the esteemed contest complete with snazzy appearance.

The futuristic Mitsubishi Motors MMR25 Rally Racer, meant for the rally courses of the future, is an all-electric race car powered by an unimagined revolutionary drivetrain. This powertrain is comprised of four lightweight, high-efficiency, in-wheel electric motors. The batteries are next generation units, more powerful, fully recyclable and can run up to 1,000 miles on a single charge. The MMR25 incorporates an Omni directional wheel design with what makes it the first and only 8 x 4 wheel drive vehicle. A driver sits inside a windowless pod which is surrounded by a seamless, 360-degree panoramic screen displaying images from outside cameras.

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