This Doll is a Girls New Best Friend!

A little 5 year old girl and a young lady quarreling over a doll could well have been a reality if at all the doll in question here were affordable! Little girls feel incomplete without their dolls just like every damsel’s heart races for a diamond. And if a doll is adorned with Diamonds, a girl’s best friend, this doll could be the new best friend of a girl.

Tomy Toys, a toy company from Japan has unveiled a diamond doll. The specially produced doll with the name Licca chan comes clad in a tiara and gown studded with 881 diamonds, a total of 51.4 karat. This extravagant doll flaunts a price tag of $935,000! This diamond doll is part of an exhibition of Girlish Culture geared toward what they describe as, happy adult by fashion.

How real the need for blinged toys is even as you grow older this exhibit might try to clarify but it can assuredly find a place in a museum for everyone to admire. Start devising an explanation for your darling daughter if she sights this doll here and wishes to have for herself!

Via news.3yen

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