Bluetooth Ear Piece With Steampunk Touch

Talk about technology going retro! If you thought gadgets and gizmos would only take you into the future well, think again. Who would have thought of Steampunk and Bluetooth together? Nicrosin has come up with a Victorian-style Bluetooth device which is powered solely by winding and should be mass produced. His creations are a compilation of sculpey and watch parts lined with leather for comfort. Wondering what you might hear- voice from the calling end or the winding chimes of the clockwork? Though it might look like it will drill your ear through, rest assured as the prop is fully adjustable and flexible and what’s more, one actually gets the dissection of the piece! Though covering it up might just be a better option lest dust interferes!

This might not be just everybody’s type of Bluetooth but if you are in any way fascinated by steampunk and would like to find yourself in a Steampunk alternate reality, you just might be able to use this baby to call your favorite Steampunk Droid!. So wind up your minds about it! Are you are still wondering about he caller hanging up while you are winding it up?

Via SlipperyBrick
Bluetooth Ear Piece

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