Go Green With Worlds Most Expensive Bike, All in Gold

If you are rich and want to show it off but want to buy a wise thing, go ahead and buy yourself a gold bike. It will help you traverse inside your palatial mansion in ease, apart from ecological reasons. You can also use it to take a ride in your farm. Or you can gift it to your better half and make his/her face glow like gold. Created by GoldStriker’s co-founder Stuart Hughes, the bike is self consciously called “24ct gold Hutch Prostar”. Made of 24ct gold and priced at $12,378, this bike is the the most expensive BMX ever produced.

The bike was originally created for some anonymous sports geek in 2002. But the bike is now tailor made for any one willing to shell out $12,378. I think its an ultra cool idea to go green on this gold bike.

Worlds Most Expensive Bike

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