$173,000 Microsoft Sunglasses Invites Bill Gates at eBay

Amongst random products, now itís easy to find out which one is eligible to join the collectibles breed. And the calculative call can be taken considering the demand and supply relation. In non-economical terms, the limited-edition products with a high-demand easily get a prefix of few $$$$ attached to it. Exemplifying it, here stands a cheap 1980’s era Microsoft sunglasses available for auction on eBay at a price competent to the value of an estate.

The proud seller states that this belongs to the special edition sunglasses and fortunately is the only one pair left now. Agreed it is extraordinary as it has governed the opening bid of $173,000 but the bidding amount can easily multiply two-fold if Bill Gates happen to revive his weird nostalgic memories of this marketed item.

Besides Bill G, I cannot see anyone shelling out this sum. Beg, borrow or steal, you still have 20 hours 45 mins left for the bid to end.
Microsoft Sunglasses

Via TecheBlog
Microsoft Sunglasses

Microsoft Sunglasses

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