Aston Martin’s One 77 is the Worlds Most Expensive Car

Hello Mr. Bond here is your new car that is Aston Martin’s One 77 which is the Worlds Most Expensive Car. Aston Martin has lately unveiled a striking coupe model christened as the One-77. The very name of the coupe implies that this would be a limited-edition supercar by Aston and until now word is around that counted 77 units will be produced. The One-77s lustrous hood lays a 7.0L V12 with an undisclosed amount of power. However, Auto Express cogitates that the novel 7.0L power plant will be dependable enough to ride the One-77 from zilch to 60 in record 3.5 seconds, hence making up to the top speed in glut of 200 mph.

The body of the One-77s is said to be built using aluminum, while its framework is developed using carbon fiber. Aston discloses his plans to hit the market by offering One-77s for sale by late 2009. Flaunting an aggressive shape whilst maintain elegance, the coupe model is anticipated to bear a retail price of 1 million ($2 million). My senses are alarmed to provide you with an update about who becomes its fortunate buyer, once this Most Expensive Car is available for sale.

Via Wired / LeftLaneNews

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