Suzukaze: Air-Conditioned Cushion from Kuchofuku

Air-conditioned clothing and furniture accessories have been creating a buzz for a while. Following our liking for air-conditioned shirt and bed, here comes the third in-a-row offering from Kuchofuku. Called the Suzukaze, it is an air-conditioned cushion designed to carry you barely elevated on your chair to produce cool air under you. It is a ready to practice solution for those discomforting days when hot climatic conditions leads to accruing of moisture on the seat. Suzukaze enables you dispel that dampness and make you stay fresh. If you happen to use it continuously for one month (eight hours a day) then it would cost you five cents with Eneloop batteries. The three available models of the Suzukaze details the standard model, high grade version and highly third one for roadsters.


The battery-driven basic model comes stuffed with the super spacer material inside. The high grade version makes use of robust dual-layer super spacer and features a touch sensitive switch that switches on and off the fan respecting your presence on the seat. Those, who happen to spend their crucial day in a coupe, can go with the third model, which id developed dedicatedly for car-goers as it connects well to the car’s power adapter. With a visible surge in gas and oil prices, this is undoubtedly a wise option.

On a bigger canvas, this is a personalized way to deal with climate matters in an economical and energy-friendly manner. The biggest advantage of this functional product is its accessibility to be adjusted as per the needs against other random centralized source installed in the room.

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