Medy Jet: Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

After a wearisome day at work, a dose of massage is something that can soothe us. Available in various forms staring from mechanical to water based, Medy Jet is geared up to offer fully functional massage beds. Medy Jets production of Hydro Therapy Massage Bed is the result of several years of experience with underwater massage systems. This self-contained, user operated unit provides the collective settlement of hydro massage, heat and flotation therapy without getting soaked. The water crammed bed is thermostatically monitored and the “water through water” jets located within target key weight clusters.

The bed enables you select the strength, period and kind of massage from the touch screen. Various forms of massage accessible via this bed details from crescent massage, rotating massage, pinpointed massage, mirror-imaged massage with permanent or pulsating pressure and synchronized or non synchronized jet on either side of the body. It allows you to choose from the preprogrammed ordinary healing for upper body, lower body, lower back region, shoulder region, sectional massage or the whole body and to wrap up with the program offering a gentle rub down along the spine.
Medy Jet

Designed and developed to give relaxation to your mind, body and soul; the bed features selectable treatment areas, independently programmable and pre-programmable massage chip cards, countdown pointer viewing left-out time for the running treatment, incorporate cooling system, hygienic surface, low height allowing easier escalating and descending. Accessible via TPS (Twin-Pump-System), it sports supporting bar, convenient plug and play system and comes layered with blue-black mat coverings. With no word on pricing, I am sure it would demand the deserving four figures.
Medy Jet
Medy Jet

Medy Jet

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