Elite Scan: Top 11 Digital Beds

And taking the ritual of Elite Scan: Top 11 into your bedroom, today I feel fortunate to pick more-than-bed figures vouching a meaningful presence into your routine schedule. They aren’t only distinctive but devilish. Revolving around the iconic digitalized models, today’s assemblage of hi-tech beds details from spa bed, massage bed, ceiling bed, tanning bed, computer bed and much more. Whilst in 2006, Jen the weird hunter of gearlog had a chance to feature top 10 bedroom belongings with an open room to accommodate upcoming revolutionary offerings.

11) Starry Bed with Built-in Technology at CES 2008

The unveiling of Starry Night Bed at CES 2008 created a buzz across blogosphere with its anticipated availability in 2009. Designed by Leggett & Platt, the bed features a pulsation antenna, load cell expertise that can keep a count of turns and moves you happen you take during night over this bed. If nothing else, it can be seen as a weapon in the hands of victimized wives who are in mental stability to bear the snoring of their ‘dear’ hubby. After identifying weird snores, it guides with ways to overcome it. The Starry Bed is flexible to be adapted to your body temperature, on either side from 68 to 117 degrees Fahrenheit and helps you maintain a record of your sleep time reflected well on your bedside monitor.

Further, it sports a surround sound system equipped with four subwoofers measuring eight-inch, a suspended 10-foot screen on the wall, a PC with wireless keyboard and internet connectivity. Expected to demand a price tag of $20,000 to $50,000, the bed is competent to store up to 1.5 terabytes, hence holding a database of 400,000 songs or up to 2,000 hours of video.

10) The Sphere Bed by Karim Rashid

Three cheers to Karim Rashid (designer & artist) for putting his thoughts into actions and unveiling the Sphere bed. Perfect to be installed in your pragmatic bedroom living, Karim developed this bed for Hollandia International in Moscow with a focus upon meeting all the levels of opulence and comfort. The bed features 32-inch colored TV, an optional 5.1 surround sound theater system outfitted with LED Florescent canopy-top lights in synergy with outside back vanity mirror plus a champagne container. Karim ensures the customization of the bed in terms of its color and fabric.

9) Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed

If that whole day at work, populating your blog with postings has infused the never-ending levels of success within you then its time to undergo spa with a difference. Featured here is a spa bed shaped like a capsule that calms down your stress levels and makes you feel positive. Popularly known as a spa-Jet hydro therapy massage bed, it maintains a holistic system of stability and restoration via a revolutionary medium of spa and skin care management called Hydrofusion.

Blending all the effects of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, Vibromassage, Oligotherapy and Musico-therapy, the capsule assures body cleansing, moisturizing, and the permeation of nutrients and hence glowing skin. Other advantages attached involve weight loss, cellulite lessening, anti-aging and many others. To keep you engaged, it features LCD display, allowing your psychotherapist to decide from an array of agenda and preferences.

8) James Bond’s Bed by Nicolas Melan

Popularly known as From Bed with Love (aka James Bond Bed), the designer bed by Nicolas Melan sports luminotherapic radiance integrated on the apex of the bed, hence substituting your alarm clock. It comes outfitted with a DVD, a plasma screen, the 5.1 surround THX system, thereby making you feel relaxed after listening to your favorite track.

7) Digital SOQI Spa Bed For Nerds!

Some may love to spend weekends partying and others like me cherish the thought of visiting gymnasium or undertaking relaxing therapy. For healthy mind and to do away with nay ailment, I would propose you to reside over SOQI Spa Bed (SO means Solar, QI means Life Force Energy). The model sports three orangery domes, an electro reflex energizer and a far infrared heating pad that is accessible on the principle of Far Infrared cellular therapeutic, thereby soothing your physique and invigorating you. The SOQI Spa Bed sports a storage shelf and an integrated CD player with two speakers on either side of your head. Priced at $4,096, it is a prospective thingamajig to be installed in one’s message parlor or beauty salon.

6) BedUP: Compact Ceiling Bed by Decadrages

Coming from the house of Decadrages, the designer BedUP model offers you a perfect comfort level without occupying much space. Suspended from the ceiling, this novel furniture piece can be accommodated in 4 sq mt space of your apartment and descends likewise an elevator to a selected elevation, thus sustains the stay of fittings formerly placed underneath it. Unlike all random models gathering attention here, this one is known more for its refined design and arrangement than functionality.

5) Rejuvasun Spa Bed is World’s First Indoor Tanning Bed

Agreed, there are ample spa bed options to be considered but the ETS Rejuvasun spa bed, revolutionary furniture outproduct of alliance between Indianapolis-based ETS Tan and Carlsbad is the first ever indoor tanning bed. The feature-packed bed features FDA-cleared, clinically verified light therapy technology aimed at lessening lines, crumples and invigorate skin in the expression and neckline spots. The pulsating LED unit provides low-energy light pulsation in detailed frequencies and light shades that supply a juvenile appeal to your skin. A mere 20-minute of your stay here is no less than a visit to heaven.

4) The Elite Bed Or a Compact Bedroom, Courtesy Hollandia!

In synergy with countless hi-tech beds, here comes another model to widen your option. Called the Elite bed from Hollandia, it sports a DVD/CD changer, iPod docking station, a 32-inch flat panel TV and a surround-sound system. It also offers 12 massage programs, telescoping head sustaining, a mechanical head and foot tuning system that elevates every half of the mattress to take power off the trivial back. Designed offering the needful ergonomics, the tailored bed is priced between $30,000 and $35,000 and is available in individual king and queen size.

3) High-Tech Cosmovoide Bed Costs $61,415

Designed by craftsmen from North of France, the Cosmovoďde Bed is an ultra hi-tech bed
sporting particular spirals suspended following the principle available for hammocks. Derived from the egg-shape offshoot, the ‘Cosmovoďde’ features two-electric leisure bed casings, 7 LED lamps, an incorporated TV, DVD player, quality home cinema, six-power sockets, and a telephone. Priced at $61,415 (39 000 Euros), the bed targets the tailored needs of non-geeky and geeky divas.

2) TV In Bed Gets A Big Lift

Those blessed with the fortune of extra amount of dough and having developed a craze for weird gadgets and usability stuff, the 50-inch ‘TV in bed’ or TV lift from MK 1 Studios is a prospective deal for them. All you need is to press a button and the plasma panel slides out from under the end of the bed and revolves it into the arrangement.

1) The Tale: The Computer Bed For Programmers

Geeks, kindly lend al your ears here. Called “The computer bed,” the furniture piece is operated from gas-assisted pistons that dampen the probable stroke of mass transfer from bed to desk to bed. Having emerged as a Murphy concept bed in 2002, the bed is all set to go under production and claims to be the one-of-its-kind metal bed frame with wooden slat groundwork. Priced at $3650, these beds are available for sale from Europe.

I am sure the collection of digital beds won’t let you sleep and would surely rejuvenate your energy levels. Free feel to visit out last week’s compilation of top 11realistic simulators.

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