Jens Ritter’s Flora Aurum Worlds Most Expensive Bass Costs $250000

Yes the post talks about bejeweled guitar designed and developed by German luthier Jens Ritter. He is known for creating high-class instruments and today�s gold and diamond festooned Ritter bass valued at $250,000 is gathering attention. The bass called the Flora Aurum would be available for sale in Las Vegas by Wynn And Co, a jewellery dealer. The face of the bass bears a floral pattern fingerboard developed using 24 carat gold, wherein every single inlay-leaf comes decked with a black diamond (set in platinum). Its bridge, tuner buttons and the knobs come layered with gold. Two of its knobs positioned at the apex flaunt two flawless brillant-cut diamonds (3,3ct).

Flora Aurum

The nut is finished using 10,000 year-old mammoth ivory. All these convincing features may force you to reserve an air ticket to Las Vegas.

Flora Aurum

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