Bluetooth Umbrella Concept By Mikhail Stawsky

The day is eagerly awaited when all the concepts actually turn reality! Think of a form of an umbrella that can not only be your defense weapon or a wi-fi enabled accessory but can also be usedc to transfer data via its Bluetooth feature. Yes, if that unbreakable umbrella, futuristic wi-fi Pileus umbrella or latest touchscreen and Bluetooth enabled umbrella meets reality than there won’t be anything called wish list.

The Bluetooth umbrella concept with a radio feature by Mikhail Stawsky stands on top to keep you dry. It is accessible to answer calls and talk via the Knob. I am doubtful if it needs to be attached against the ears. The touchscreen display features usual choices like answer/divert and volume.

The incorporated radio functionality allows you to recreate Singing In The Rain and enjoy the company of your loved ones from a distance via this umbrella.
Via YankoDesign

Bluetooth Umbrella

Bluetooth Umbrella

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