Innespace Seabreacher Submarine Dons Dolphin’s Mirror Image

Ahhh to be friends with dolphins is the submarine called the Innespace Seabreacher. The two-seater submersible that looks and moves like a dolphin. Interestingly, the Seabreacher uses the same canopy as an F-22 fighter jet to insure that the inside stays nice and dry with a watertight seal. When the automobile comes in motion, it looks no less than a jet fighter with energy to breakthrough the tough water. Developed with an intention to impersonate a dolphin’s movement, it uses the downhill elevate of the wings to leap out of the water, and even do cask spins.

Innespace Seabreacher
Innespace Seabreacher
Innespace Seabreacher
I presume it’s as secure as humans can get to really enact a dolphin. If your wild imagination has started wondering dolphins think this form of submarine, then roll further to enjoy the video:

Via Geekologie
Innespace Seabreacher

Innespace Seabreacher

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