Elite Find of the Day: Glass Rayguns From Jeff Burnette

Jeff Burnette has been experimenting with hot glass now for almost 30 years. And the featured above Glass Rayguns is the result of his efforts. Jeff, a serious sci-fi fan has developed the designer masterpieces that can be blown. With the transparent shade on the pipe and clear glass gathered on its apex, the piece once blown up takes a different appeal altogether. Once the pieces, blowpipe undergoes a 15-hour cycle of cooling, the next process to be followed is to send it for silvering. The Raygun is a no less than a bubble with a translucent color within. The silvering is the result of the silver nitrate, ammonia, and distilled water assorted and dispensed into the unbolted end of the cannon.

The silver brushwood within the piece looks like a mirror. And at last the machined stainless steel is chemically attached to the piece.
Via BoingBoing

Glass Rayguns

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