PT-01USB: Portable Vinyl-Archiving Turntable from Numark

Numark may tag its latest offering of PT-01USB as a “portable vinyl archiving system” but we are free to call it as a record player with a USB plug-in. The highlight of the portable turntable is its splitting of vinyl to digital (MP3 or WAV) followed by an array of features that make it a perfect fit in vinyl-unfriendly environment. In addition to the USB out that sends pre-estranged tracks to iTunes, the turntable also has a line-level productivity realizing the need for an amp with a phono pre-amp. It also features an integrated “monitor” speaker, snap on lid, posing a replica to that junk portable record player that I got from my parents in my early childhood.

With no information on price, it is expected to hit the market after summer passes away, possibly in Q3. What makes its wild miniscule more appealing is its USB interface.
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