Elite Estate: The £16 mn Basement Flat in Knightsbridge

The very mention of basement flats used to convey vibes of a dark, dank and malodorous coal-hole but the news about £16 million Basement Flat in Knightsbridge has upgraded its image. Two flats on the floor and “lower-ground” floors of period residence blocks in SW1 are inviting prospective dwellers with a sale price of £9 million for St James’s three-bed room flat and £16 million (£15.95 million) for a four-bed in Knightsbridge. Out of the two entrances, the communal one is guarded by a janitor whilst the other one is to maintain the privacy of Sir and Madam. Besides having a reception room on the ground floor, the Knightsbridge maisonette features a master bedroom on the first floor.

Located on Hans Place, the property spread over 4,200 sq ft was once a home to Jane Austen and Shelley and is very close to worldwide punter i.e. Harrods. The estate features innovative paneling and tailored handmade furnishings. The attention-grabbing rooms are the drawing room and adjacent kitchen/dining room, massive and well-ventilated, with towering ceilings. The walls are clad with artwork valued at £100,000 and cabinets are adorned with elegant hand-embroidered silk panels accommodating audiovisual apparatus.

Basement Flat

Via TimesOnline
Elite Estate: The £16 mn Basement Flat in Knightsbridge

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