Tinted Crystals Tarts Up Elite GoldenPutter, Invites Female Golfers

Inviting filthy-rich female golfers is the GoldenPutter that enhances your golf experience in an open ground. The pliable Putter comes festooned with 24ct gold-plated shaft with its top bathed in tinted crystals (every shade is available). If you are looking for an absolute luxury thingamajig that touches elegant craftsmanship plus technical precision then pick one here. Other features include pink leather grip with a wrapping of cherry wood and embossing a personal etching on the beam or a gold plate on the Putter-Inlay is possible on-demand.

There is gamut of offerings to further personalize your GoldenPutter, with even more fashionable materials, and custom-made luxury niceties viz. gems, diamonds or gold that blends well with the green ambiance. But like every lavish thing, the golden putter doesn’t come cheap and touch the ceiling price of $3,900 inclusive of a certificate of genuineness.

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